Multilanguage Ghost Blogs

Last updated: 11 January 2024

Multilanguage publications are something that Ghost cannot do natively. In fact, it is one of the trickiest areas of publishing with Ghost, as we have seen by many recent questions in the Ghost forum:

Ghost Post Translation - Multi Language content
I see, okay, one more qeustion: is it possible to create tag for 2 different language? For example: /tag/case-studies/example-post and /de/tag/case-studies/example-post? Or maybe u can help me to decide better way to create miltilang tags routes?
Multi-language blog with a multi-language theme
Hello all, I have an issue, is it possible to create the same post with the same url but for DE version add /de/ prefix, for example: and And the same question about tags: what is the right way to create 2 same tags for different language? (for example /case-study/ and /de/case-study) For index page I use <html lang=”{{{block “lang”}}}”></html> in default and index.hbs and index-de.hbs with {{#contentFor “lang”}}de{{/contentFor}} . And…
Routing for multi-lang sites. Tags and authors
@mac_mod hello, any updates?) Have the same issue)

The mos commonly proposed solution by Ghost power users is a setup that contains two Ghost blogs under the same domain, for example and

While this is doable for Ghost users who choose to self-host, using managed Ghost hosting services can quickly become a pain (mostly financially).

We are therefore considering a multilanguage plan that would allow customers to run two separate Ghost blogs that sync settings and themes, but can have different content.

If you're interested to help us shape this feature, please reach out to and be one of the first to use our multilanguage plan, as soon as it's available.

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