Setting up Your Custom Domain on Magic Pages

Last updated: 06 December 2023

Setting up a custom domain for your Ghost CMS website on Magic Pages is a simple and straightforward process. While we love our free "" subdomains, using a custom domain gives your website a more professional feeling.

Begin by logging into the Magic Pages customer portal at Enter your email address and look for a magic link in your email inbox.

Once logged in, navigate to the list of your websites and select the website you want to adapt. You should then see the option to select a custom domain. Enter your desired domain and click the "Check Availability" button.

Screenshot of the Magic Pages customer portal, specifically the overview over a website (
Screenshot of the Magic Pages customer portal

You will then see lots of obscure values pop up. Don't worry – we'll walk you through them.

If you just want to set up your domain and don't plan on sending email newsletters through Magic Pages, the first two so-called "DNS records" are all you need. Head over to your domain provider and find the option to change your DNS records there.

Copy the host and value of each record and save them. It might now take up to 24 hours until they become available.

If you're also planning to send email newsletters through Ghost and Magic Pages, we highly urge you to also set up the optional records below. These are DKIM and SPF records, which are crucial for email deliverability.

Screenshot of the list of DNS records necessary to set up a custom domain
Screenshot of the list of DNS records necessary to set up a custom domain

After you've confirmed that you have set these records up, you can save the new domain and the work on our end begins. We regularly check whether the new settings have been applied and will inform you once everything is ready.

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