Kyiv Theme: #1 Basic Setup

This post walks you through the basic setup of setting up a fresh Ghost installation and uploading the new Kyiv theme.…

Jannis Fedoruk-Betschki
Jannis Fedoruk-Betschki 12 October 2023

This blog post is adapted from a comprehensive video series, in which I demonstrate setting up a fresh Ghost site with the new Magic Pages exclusive theme "Kyiv" from scratch. As a Magic Pages customer you can download the theme from our customer portal.

You can find the finished site on the theme's demo website:

Getting Started: Fresh Installation

My assumption for this tutorial is that we are starting with a fresh installation of Ghost through Magic Pages. This would typically present as a clean slate, with no pre-existing data or settings. As a Magic Pages customer, you can set up a fresh version of Ghost straight from our customer portal with one click.

Before shooting the video and writing this tutorial, I have created a sample page on my local machine. So, when I refer to a "localhost" during the setup, know that it's my development environment.

Why Choose the Kyiv Theme?

The Kyiv theme isn't just powerful; it's also deeply customisable. Every element you see on the template can be tweaked to your preferences, allowing for a truly unique website tailored to your needs. My goal is to ensure you understand the variety of options at your disposal and can make the most out of this theme.

Generally speaking, the theme itself has been created for service providers (think coaches, freelancers, etc.). It is not focussed on publications, like other Ghost themes and focusses more on telling a coherent story to sell your services or products.

Beginning the Setup Process

Starting with a fresh Ghost installation, the first step involves setting things up:

  1. Accessing the Admin Area: Navigate to your site's URL and append "/ghost" at the end (e.g., This route leads you to the admin area of your Ghost website, where you'll manage settings, posts, pages, email lists, and more.
  2. Initial Setup: On accessing the "/ghost" route for the first time, a welcome screen will greet you. Here, you will input the basic details required to set up your site. In my example, I created a fictional character named Olena Hordiyenko, to set up the theme. This is purely for demonstration, and you should use your data, of course.
  3. Admin Overview: Once your data is filled in and you create your account, you'll land on the Ghost admin page. Here, you'll find options to write your first post, customise your site's design, import members, and explore other Ghost admin features.

Installing the Kyiv Theme

To achieve the look and feel of the Kyiv theme sample follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by Installing the Theme: Navigate to the theme installation section in the Ghost admin: Settings -> Design.
  2. Upload the Kyiv Theme File you downloaded from the Magic Pages customer portal: Assuming you have the Kyiv theme file ready (usually a .zip), proceed to upload it.

Now, head over to the next post in this series: Kyiv Theme: #2 Hero & CTA Sections


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